Services Offered


I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you. The following are only a few of the areas I can help you with in your business.

Getting Started in Contract Cleaning

This will include the complete step-by-step process so everything is in place to start your cleaning company. Going through short and long term goals, strengths and weakness will help to discover the best type of services that can be provided. All of which will define a specific plan to meet your needs with a minimum investment while understanding the financial commitment. Discuss industry standards along with other areas and programs that may be considered.

Sales Process

Through networking, telemarketing, referrals, and several other options, a plan will be developed to fit the style, comfort and budget of your company. Using my 49 years of experience with "thinking outside the box" in this industry, I can help you develop a marketing program for sales growth with our industry standards.

Developing Proposal Content

The proposal service agreement will be designed specifically for you complete with your mission statement. In addition to the specific design; the facility size, facility type, service specifications, insurance and all other pertinent information will be part of a proposal. The proposal will be in a professional form with all documents included.

Zone Cleaning vs. Team Cleaning®

Zone cleaning uses one person to do all the tasks in an entire area. Team cleaning uses one each of the following specialists to work together: Light Duty Specialist, Vacuum Specialist, Restroom Specialist and Utility Specialist. There are industry and training standards as well as automated equipment to help each system with productivity. With benefits in each type of cleaning a plan can be designed that works best for your company.

Restroom Sanitation

Studies have proven that 80% of germs are transmitted by hands. In offices, which would transfer to the phone, keyboard, desktop and mouse. In retail stores germs are also transferred to our hands from handbags or shopping bags placed on the restroom floor. This means hands spread germs, germs may cause illness and illness costs money. A restroom sanitation program as well as a workplace wellness program has been developed which has proven to reduce absenteeism. This has been an outstanding benefit to employers which in turn is outstanding business for the contract cleaning company.

Green Cleaning

Protecting the health of employees is a choice many businesses are making. With the average person spending more than 90% of their time indoors, the reality is that everything done in cleaning has an impact on others. The quality of indoor cleaning involves things like chemicals, paper products, tools and equipment. According to the definition, the goal of going green is to reduce health and environmental impact. The following are a few things to think about:

  • Get to Know Green Cleaning

  • Find Out Who is Going Green

  • Starting to go Green

  • Look at the Cost


There are different approaches to time standards when estimating a building. Different rates may apply to an office building, single tenant vs. multiple tenant, retail, manufacturing, schools, etc. In my 49 years of industry experience I have done extensive time studies using various advanced methods and procedures. With this I have developed time standards that have achieved the highest level of productivity and quality.

Special Service Programs

To design and add special service programs can be very lucrative. This can be a business in itself or added to your already existing contract cleaning business. There are approximately 10 plus programs that can be started or added (i.e.) carpet maintenance or dry steam cleaning program. Most service agreements for the special service programs have monthly or quarterly billing.

Quality Control System

Our industry has very specific guidelines for inspection and quality. In addition to those guidelines, I have developed other programs based on size and geography of the facility as well as an incentive program with options that has been very effective. Quality control and customer service work closely together to give the very best service.

Customer Service

Customers are the livelihood of any contract cleaning business. Keeping the business of customers depends on their service received. How often have you gone into a restaurant, retail store or other business and walked away frustrated because of the service received. That would usually mean taking your business to where you were given good service. After the service agreement, a well trained customer service representative is essential to give outstanding service. The better relationship and trust one has with their customer, the easier it is to design added services that are needed for that facility.

Using Technology to Have Business Advantage

Innovative equipment has been developed that is a great advantage in the contract cleaning business. There has been more automation, improved systems and procedures in recent years than in previous history. With this new equipment it will reduce labor considerably as well as advance systems and procedures. One that considerably reduces labor is a complete system for floor stripping. Keeping current on technology that continues to develop new equipment, systems and procedures is an important part of my consulting business.