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School Case Study


Team Cleaning® vs Zone Cleaning

This is a case study of a school district with three buildings, a High School, Middle School and Elementary School totaling 470,000 square feet. Using zone cleaning, there were 12 full time employees at eight hours each and one part time employee at four hours totaling 100 hours per day & evening. Each employee was responsible for their own area which included; vacuum carpeting, empty waste receptacles, dust mop hard surface floors, clean restrooms, sweep stairways, clean elevators, as well as periodic and project work. Each cleaner had a full set of equipment, a very costly scenario in terms of labor, equipment and products. A full time cleaner was averaging 37,600 square feet per eight hour shift, or 4,700 square feet per hour of cleaning.

I did a complete analysis for the Team Cleaning system. This system deploys an assembly line of workers to build the cleaning in a manner that is fast, focused, reproducible and largely free from quality control problems. The difference is rather than the product moving down an assembly line the labor moves.

Team Cleaning is system thinking vs Zone Cleaning is space cleaning. In Team Cleaning there are four specialists used.

    • Light Duty Specialist

    • Vacuum Specialist

    • Restroom Specialist

    • Utility Specialist

Each building is divided into four quadrants as the following table.

Our supervision and work quality is greatly improved along with the training more simplified. I set up the Team Cleaning system with a total of seven full time employees and one part time employee at four hours totaling 60 hours per day & evening. This is a 40% savings from zone cleaning. The direct labor, payroll and benefit cost is an annual savings of $180,000. Over a five year period this is a $900,000. savings to the district.

Along with the Team Cleaning system, I set up an automated process for annual stripping and refinishing the hard surface floors. This process has saved approximately 50% on labor cost over the previous method used.

I have worked with the Team Cleaning system over the past 15 years and have used this system with millions of square feet of buildings. This system has been fine tuned with improved productivity and quality control.

I look forward to showing you how this system can work for you!

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Thomas E. Chase, Copyright 2010
Consultant, Author, Speaker