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What's a CBSE?


The Certified Building Service Executive is a professional executive with demonstrated knowledge and skill widely recognized in the building service industry.

For the CBSE, state-of-the-art cleaning technology is the key to maintaining buildings at a peak level of appearance and cleanliness. And yet, an understanding of cleaning technology is just one facet of the CBSE's credentials. The CBSE is an executive with broad business and management expertise, an executive who ensures that a building's maintenance needs are met smoothly and cost-effectively. In short, placing your business in the hands of a CBSE means having the technical cleaning knowledge and executive experience you expect.

To achieve the CBSE designation, participation is required in a Certification Program which requires the successful completion of a full-day examination. Additionally, experience and tenure must be documented. A minimum of five years in the building service industry and three years in an executive policymaking position is mandatory for consideration of the CBSE designation. In order to maintain this designation, a CBSE must participate in ongoing educational activities. These activities keep them apprised of the latest industry developments with respect to management techniques, financial and strategic planning, risk management and legal issues.